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Hunter Valley is open for visitors. Book NOW

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

We are very excited to announce the Hunter Valley is open this long weekend for you to visit.

Mandatory COVID-19 Conditions Eff ective Today – 1 June

The NSW Government recently signed off on a newPublic Health Orderwith details on COVID19 restrictions. With the June long weekend coming up its critical that we are all working together as a collective industry to ensure community safety.

The following conditions are effective immediately for all food and drink premises including cellar doors, restaurants, cafes and bars:

Limitation on number of customers

The number of customers is the lesser of either (a) 50 customers per exist ing separate seated food or drink area, or (b) the total number of persons calculated by allowing 4 square metres of space for each person (excluding staff members) on the premises.

If the food or drink premises includes more than one restaurant or cafe, the limitation on the number of customers on the premises is per restaurant or cafe on the premises. For example, if the food and drink premises includes 2 restaurants, each restaurant may sell food or drinks at any time to no more than 50 customers to consume on the premises, subject to having at least 4 square metres of space for each person (other than staff members) in the restaurant.

Groups seated together or single bookings can only be for amaximum of 10 people.

Mandatory conditions

  1. A person entering the premises must provide their name and contact details, including a telephone number and/or email address, to the occupier or operator of the premises.

  2. The occupier or operator of the premises must record and keep the names and contact details, including telephone numbers and/or email addresses, of ALL persons entering the premises.

  3. The occupier or operator of the premises must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Tour Operators

Late this afternoon, the Specialist Team and Subject Matter Expert's at Service NSW have confirmed that Tour Operators are to follow the newPublic Health Order-view here.

Courtesy vehicles and tour operators fall under Schedule 2.2 Essential Gatherings: a gathering for the purposes of or related to transportation, including in vehicles or at truck stops, stations, platforms or stops or other public transportation facilities

Tour Operators must ensure that they follow the physical distancing regulations:


Accommodation services are able to be offered without restriction, except holiday rentals which are subject to restrictions (see below). Caravan Parks may open. There is no limit to the number of customers in the park or grounds however premises must have aCOVID-19 Safety Plan.

Under Schedule 1.12 of the Public Health Order,holiday homes and holiday rentals can have no more than 10 persons, unless all persons are members of the same household.


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